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Informed. Conscientious. Dedicated.

DeLopez Landscaping specializes in sustainable landscape design and maintenance services for commercial, residential, and estate properties. We incorporate methods that will reduce the maintenance, pesticide toxicity, water consumption, and costs that go with traditional landscaping.

We cater to responsible homeowners and business owners that are concerned about landscaping practices and the effects of landscape management on the health of our planet and future generations.

Our knowledgeable crew uses sustainable materials and cares for your grounds organically and naturally using the least amount of chemicals possible. Soil health, water conservation, storm-water management, and pesticide toxicity are important issues that we address.

The De Lopez Landscaping team is well trained in all facets of horticultural services. As a result of our training and certifications, we provide our clients with service experience that is second to none.

  • Sustainable practices
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Water conservation
  • IMP management
  • Grass cycling and on-site mulching
  • Organic fertilization
  • Tree care 
  • Seasonal color
  • One-time cleanups


DeLopez Landscaping maintenance program incorporates an integrated pest management approach to disease and pest control. IPM achieves optimum plant health and vigor by providing proper fertilization, water management, and routine monitoring to identify insects and diseases in their early stages. IPM combines sound horticultural practice, consideration of environmental factors in plant selection, and prudent application of biological and chemical pest control measures.

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